Monday, March 26, 2012

The Amaryllis Baby Theory

Alright Folks we are on to week 38! Last week proved to be eventful when after my regular Monday afternoon checkup my Dr. informed me that I was dilated to a 3! Well after Jake dropped me back off at work I realized that I was bleeding pretty heavy so I called my nurse and asked her what I needed to do, she told me I needed to go to Labor and Delivery immediately.  When we got there they hooked us up to the monitor and discovered that I was having regular contractions about 3-5 minutes apart.  Unfortunately they weren't heavy enough for it to be considered full labor.:( So Jake and I departed with the nurse telling us that he could be 2 days out or possibly 2 weeks but there wasn't anyway of knowing. newest theory is the Amaryllis Baby Theory.
You see I have this Amaryllis that our sweet neighbor gave Jake and I for a wedding gift.  Unfortunately the first time it started to bloom I knocked it over while cleaning and broke it.
:(  Well we learned from another neighbor that if you cut them down to the bulb and put them in a cold dark place to keep them dormant they will bloom again. So I cut it down and a little while later sure enough it was ready to bloom just like they had told us. Unfortunately about that time we moved to Boise and the move did not treat our poor Amaryllis well so yet again we put it away and let it go dormant and brought it out to find that it grew beautifully but it did not produce any buds.:(  Alright this is when this story gets exciting people we are on to round 4 with this Amaryllis!

As you can see our Amaryllis is just about ready to bloom! Oh and yes that is our backyard all dug up! Jake has been working hard to get our sprinkler system in but more on that later. So my theory and how it relates to the baby is that I have a feeling that when the Amaryllis blooms the baby will come! For more proof I went to get a pedicure this weekend and the Asian lady that was doing my toes that did not speak any English told the Asian guy next to her to that she wanted to do a flower on my toes as a gift. Well what flower did she paint?!?!?! An Amaryllis! Obviously they don't give out fortune cookies because it's a nail salon and not a Chinese restaurant but I feel like she was trying to tell me something.
You see picture of an Amaryllis.... 
Picture of the Amaryllis on my toes.... Please disregard the rest of my feet and keep in mind that sausage toes come with the territory when you are 9 months pregnant!

So folks the moral of the story, expect this Baby boy to be here in 1-2 days MAX! I also just
 walked up and down the six flights of stairs at my work 3 times. If that's not giving fate a helping hand then I don't know what is. 

The girl with the baby belly that is going to pop in 1-2 days MAX!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Nursery and a Baby Update!

Yay Baby E is almost here! On the 22nd I will be 37 weeks along however if Emerson would like to make his appearance on the 21st I would be A-OK with that!:) After all it does seem that 21 is a lucky number around our house with Jake's and my anniversary being December 21st and my birthday being October 21st we might as well have a baby with his birthday on the 21st.:) The last part of the pregnancy has gone fairly smoothly with the only big complaint being that I feel like a two ton heifer! For proof see the following pictures of me at 35 and a half weeks.:)  I really do hope that he comes soon though, the Dr. informed me a couple of weeks ago that he is going to be a big boy as in at least 9 and a half pounds big!

I finally finished the nursery! Well almost.:) The past few weeks I have been working on painting the map border around the room, adding the trim, looking for fun accessories to accent the room and sprucing up my grandma's glider...does it look familiar to anyone!? I am so excited about the glider and the fact that I will be spending so much time rocking my little boy to sleep in the same chair that I'm sure I was held in a time or two and that I have witnessed many babies being rocked to sleep in by my grandma.  I remember spending afternoon's sitting at my grandma's feet as a little girl and listening to her stories while she rocked in that chair. A couple of months after her funeral I found out that I was pregnant and my mom asked if I would like the glider.  The glider had definitely been well used over the years and luckily my dad was able to repair the broken arm and when I got it I reupholstered the cushions and had Jake help me stain it.  I am so pleased with the way it turned out and it is definitely one of my favorite parts of the room!

I want to instill in my kids a sense of adventure and a curiosity of the world.  Which is why I decided to do an adventure theme for Baby E's room. 

The flying planes are another one of my favorites!:) 

My grandma's glider!

I crossed off one more item on my baby to do list. I made some burp rags this weekend and I love how they turned out!:) 

Can't wait to meet you BABY E! 
Love, Mommy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's a BOY!

After weeks of wondering we just found out that our little peanut is a....

During the Ultrasound the technician told us that our little boy was going to be very tall!...hmm I think we could have told her that one. ;) Apparently his legs and arms are dating 2 and a half weeks longer than the rest of the body and are in the 96% for his age.  We also found out that our son is very active, he kept kicking and turning and moving the whole time and it took us almost a hour to find out what we are expecting.  

We are so excited to welcome this little boy into our life in April! 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Big News!!!

Jake and I have some exciting news!
I am 17 weeks along and due April 13th, we are so excited for this little person to arrive.
We know that our lives are going to forever be changed and we are so excited to be parents!
We are scheduled to find out the big secret November 15th so stay tuned....  :)

Reno 911

Over Halloween weekend Jake and I had the opportunity to fly to Reno for a business trip.  It was so much fun and a very much needed break from the craziness of our "normal" lives. It was also the first time that Jake and I have flown together! Did I mention that I love being married? I thought that I would take my work bag and put in my hundred pound calculus book, seriously it is in a binder and I have to go try to find an even bigger binder because it barely fits. Luckily Jake decided it was his job to tot that bag around rather than to see me struggle/complain about it.  Oh and for those of you wondering it did not get opened once!:) My teacher thankfully moved back my test and I got to enjoy a wonderful, homework free weekend with my amazing husband!:)
For those of you that do not know, Jake has a serious addiction.... He is addicted to sushi.  Now you may think that I am kidding or being a little over dramatic but I'm not.  Jake has even taken up making sushi.  Yes we now own "sushi china", chopsticks and our very own bamboo rolling mats.  So when it came time for dinner he knew right away where he wanted to go: The Oceano. We originally ventured out to go to a piano bar, which Jake wanted to take me to, and when he spotted this restaurant he knew we had to go. 
Doesn't that look delicious! Oh and no that was not the end of the rolls for the night. Unfortunately I wasn't able to eat any............:) 
I did settle for a yummy salmon salad. The best part of the dinner was when the waiter brought out a large bowl on a saucer before he brought out the salad.  I told Jake I didn't order any soup and proceeded to lift up my spoon ----before Jake informed me that it was my salad dressing.

It was such a fun weekend and I am so lucky to be married to Jake! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Festivities

I have always loved fall! One of the things I miss most about home is Sardine Canyon, I loved driving and being able to admire the beauty of the changing seasons. I miss the smells of the farm---okay I don't miss the smell of silage. However, there is something about being on the farm and the naustalgic fragrance of the farm that takes me back to my childhood and reminds me of the coming festivities.  I also have another great reason to love the fall and that is my birthday. This year I thought I would be spending my birthday with Jake.  However, conveniently Emily's UEA weekend allowed her to come up and spend my birthday with me and she was able to bring my mom as well!:)

We had so much fun catching up (until 2 AM!--Emily apparently isn't used to going to bed early...yet), making lots of yummy food, going to the farmers market, a home show, and of course enjoying a FULL day of shopping!:)  Thanks mom and Emily for coming up and making my birthday amazing! Carin we missed you and I can't wait until we can all be together again!

Also thanks to my sweetheart for making me waffles and surprising me with presents and flowers! I love you so much!

I loved this first picture and that it is probably a more realistic look at what we normally look like.  That and the fact Jake kept snapping pictures until he finally got ONE where we were all paying attention.

The Farmer's Market is phenomenal in Boise! We all loved sampling all of the yummy food and checking out some of the fun booths. If you look closely you can see Kathleen and Kate who surprised us right after this picture. Kathleen was also able to come stay with us for a couple of days and it was so much fun to be able to have everyone there.:)

Bronco NATION!

Remember that part about Jake being excited to move to Boise because of a certain college team that he loves??? Ya I don't remember that either....okay I might just be reminded about that fact and the fact that Boise State is one of the GREATEST parts of Boise...correction the state of Idaho. No these are not my words, simply what I have been hearing non stop since we moved here. I do love Boise though, I have defnitely been converted to being a Bronco fan and I enjoy living in a city/state where everyone is united in supporting a team. Jake's parents came up a few weekends ago and we were able to get in on all of the action and attend one of these infamous games. Besides the almost unbearable heat I loved it! The tailgaters definitely are some of the best that I have seen and I am excited to go to more games, especially if I can find that mouth watering Bronco Chili that I snagged last time!:)

Monday, August 1, 2011

August resolutions and a little bit of everything!

First of all Thank You to all of you have reminded me that I need to update my blog more often! I'm sorry that I have been neglecting it.  With all that we have going on around here there seems to never be an available minute. I also seems to always forget to bring my camera! That's is part of my August resolution to take more pictures and update my blog more frequently! This post will also contain a little bit of everything we have been up to the past little while. Enjoy!

June 24th proved to be exciting at the Kinghorn house! Much to Jake's surprise, his sister Kate and I showed up with a cheesecake (half) birthday cake and presents to boot! Jake's birthday falls on Christmas Eve and because of all that we had going on this it didn't leave too much time to celebrate. So this year we celebrated his half birthday! You can tell he looks super excited! Right??
                                                            Happy Half Birthday Hunny!
A couple weeks ago I was here....
Jake and I have loved exploring new places this summer and camping has become one of our favorite things to do! Speaking of which there are some amazing natural hot springs up Boise canyon! We spent a weekend checking out all the different hot springs up there with Jake's sister Kate. We highly recommend them! Over the 4th of July we decided to venture out a little farther and drive to the Oregon coast! It was so much fun and we were able to check out some fun campsites along the way.  The coast was so beautiful! One of the beaches that we stayed by had the most incredible beach. It followed alongside a series of cliffs which had some waterfalls coming off of them and connecting to the ocean. Jake's favorite part of the trip was checking out all of the local seafood restaurants along the way. I will never again doubt my husbands love for fresh seafood or his ability to eat seafood! 
                                                                 Us on the Coast!
Our fabulous tent that I put up by myself every night!  Jake decided that his duty was starting the fire and cooking dinner and mine was setting up the tent. Jake is such a fantastic cook so I was happy to leave that part to him!:)

Our last night we camped at Mt St. Helens! I wish I would have gotten a picture of where we stayed because this is just a picture that we took on our way home at a look out spot. We actually stayed on the peak right next to Mt St. Helens at the very tippy top! It was interesting to see the area after the devastation. From what we gather we were right where the lava would have spilled down and where the top blew off to.

On the way back down the mountain we ran into hundreds and hundreds of cars.  This peaked our curiosity of course why they were all there. The first couple of people that we asked, that mind you were wearing tie dye and definitely did not value personal hygiene or believe in wearing bras, told us that they were here for a "Welcome Home" ya we didn't really understand either but luckily our next friend let us know that it was for a rainbow festival. Yep looked up it up and they have one every year in a different state and they usually have around 2,000 in attendance. Apparently our invite got lost in the mail.  

 It's official I have been infected with the decorating bug! It seems I am always looking for a new project in our home and with a new home to decorate it seems like there is always something new for me to tackle! This is a photo of a wall in our front room that I thought turned out super cute! I found the ship at pottery barn and fell in love! Although I didn't buy into the full nautical beach look that pottery barn was showcasing this summer I definitely pulled out a few things that I thought were awesome! 
 This is definitely a working progress but this is what above my cabinets looks like right now. The crate and the cheese sign are from the barn! I love the crates because they have so much history stamped into them. I believe this one has Boston stamped on the front of it. 
I found the holder at a thrift store awhile back and thought that it would make a fun memo board until I found out how perfectly it fits my calendar! It was originally brown so I painted it black and sanded it down and added the beads!

Obviously I didn't leave the piece of fabric draped up there but I did make curtains out of it! I also added a lot more fun pillows to this couch and a few other touches! Don't we love the lamp!?!?! I found it at pottery barn the other day and was priced at originally $300. It had been marked down to $80 and when I took it up to the counter it rang in at $40!!! The lady checking me out was just as shocked as I was but definitely an exciting day! I am questioning the lamp shade that I currently have on it. I feel like it needs to be bigger and possibly have a triangular shape to it. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions!

I might as well open up my own catering business with the amount of food that I have been making lately. These are the infamous cafe rio pork salads that I made for a doctor's office that Jake brought lunch for. This morning I made chicken salad sandwiches and they are yummy! 

This is a picture of our old house in Logan! We went up there to put the front lawn in and I thought I would take a picture, because I thought it looked so great! I am sad I never got enjoy my flowers in the front and bushes that are finally starting to grow. We did get to enjoy the huckleberries from that big tree in the front. We had no clue what bounty we were leaving behind. There are raspberries in the backyard:(
This is random I know. But I did tell you this post was going to be an update about everything! I thought this picture turned out so cool especially since I took it on my phone. This weekend when Jake and I went to Rigby we passed a falcon on the road. We turned back wondering why it hadn't flew away and it flew up on this post. I was excited that it stayed long enough for me to take this picture!:)

Last but certainly not least! See this board here... Well I broke it in half....with my bare hand! Yes I might as well be a black belt in Karate because I Karate chopped it in half when I went to training in Vegas a few weeks ago. It was an exercise that they had us perform to get past barriers in our life. I don't know about barriers but I do know that I broke through that piece of wood. You can't tell I was excited about it at all, can you? Hope everyone is doing well! We are loving Boise and are welcome to visitors if anyone wants to come and stay, we promise a good time! -Melissa